In TPS Aerospace’s Engineering House you’ll find capabilities for design and/or certification of aeronautical parts and products conforming to the relevant regulations.

We can support the definition of project requirements as regards structures, avionics, electric and oxygen systems, and internal features, as well as generally anything involving aeronautical regulations.

Our company is specialized in the design of aeronautical medical systems and the customization of aerial survey and video recording kits.

In summary:

  • Defining project requirements
  • Verifying compliance with regulations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studying and designing avionic, electrical, structural, and medical configurations
  • Static structural analysis and 3D modelling
  • Creation of compliance documentation

Designing test procedures, in particular:

  • Structural
  • Functional (ground and in flight)
  • EMI

Assistance in carrying out tests, in particular:

  • Structural
  • Functional (ground and in flight)
  • EMI
  • Technical Compliance Verification
  • Revision of certification and compliance documentation
  • Interfacing and coordination with aviation safety organizations



TPS Aerospace Engineering has invested in equipment for manufacturing and assembly of aeronautical products at its own production facility at G. Caproni  Airport in Trento.

With the acquisition of Airmade S.r.l.s., TPS Aerospace Engineering became P.O.A. (Production Organisation Approval) certified with Certificate n. IT.21G.0069 – Subpart G – released by E.N.A.C. (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile).

We carry out small production runs, generally custom tailored to the client’s requirements with high manufacturing quality, and often after having carried out technical measurements on board the aircraft on which our products will be used.

Thanks to our staff’s experience, TPS Aerospace Engineering produces antenna supports for both pressurized and unpressurized aircraft, supports for avionic components, mission-related equipment, and equipment for medical systems.

Our main products are:

  • Aluminum and/or steel parts for onboard medical gear.
  • Aluminum and/or steel parts for mission-related equipment
  • Structural interfaces for medical configurations
  • Antenna supports
  • Kits for mounting external sensors and/or cameras for inspection
  • Kits for organ transport
  • Structures for stowing medical and electromedical equipment
  • External multidirectional rearview mirrors
  • Cargo baskets for helicopters
  • Human external cargo baskets for electrical line inspection
  • Multi-use structural platforms for medical equipment
  • Fairings and non-structural panels in composite materials
  • External steps in composite materials
  • Subassemblies of aeronautical parts
  • High-precision mechanical parts for helicopter cockpits
  • Prototypes and/or pre-production units supporting full-scale production
  • Design and production of high-precision tools for maintenance

We make products for all types of aircraft:

  • Fixed-wing
  • Helicopters
  • Ultralights
  • U.A.V.

Technical Publishing


TPS produces a wide range of technical documents, handling  the entire authoring and/or editing process, and guiding the client starting from the prototyping phase.

We aim to make our technical documentation complete, clear, accessible, and of high quality both in its content and its style of communication, chosen based on the object to be produced and the medium.

TPS’s teams assigned to this area are composed of professionals specialized in technical documentation. Their objective is to offer high quality products not only in terms of their content, but also the format and style of communication best suited to the product in question (Operating and maintenance manuals, replacement part catalogs, post-sale support documentation, regulations) and the medium (printed or digital).

Our technicians are capable of supplying all the necessary skills for designing and creating a technical publication in any language, aimed directly at the final client.

In particular, for the aeronautical sector we develop:

  • Maintenance manuals
  • Operating manuals
  • Repair/assistance manuals
  • Replacement part catalogs

All documentation is developed according to the following regulations:

  • ASD/AIA S1000D and 2000M
  • AER-P
  • MIL
  • ATA 100 and ATA 2200

All documentation can be provided as PDF, SGML, HTML, and XML files.
Our capabilities cover the entire process of:

  • Technical research
  • Technical authoring
  • Technical designation
  • Publishing

Publishing can be done in several formats, in particular on paper, on the web, on tablets, or on mobile.

Technical training


Our company is part of a Group which includes Aviotrace Swiss, headquartered in Mendrisio, Switzerland, and which is EASA Part 147(AMTO) certified. Since its foundation, Aviotrace Swiss has been internationally recognized for the quality of the training it provides, for its flexibility in planning, for its customer-oriented approach, and for its innovative learning methods.

Together with Aviotrace Swiss we can offer our clients an excellent training service on a daily basis, helping them obtain their goals. We provide a suitable preparation for supporting their business thanks to a dynamic syllabus based on Swiss quality and precision.

We aim to exceed the client’s expectations in terms of overall experience. Indeed, our clients know that, “you can’t fly without certified maintenance, but certified maintenance requires qualified training.”

Our teaching methods were carefully developed to satisfy every possible need. They range from traditional classroom instruction to multimedia-based distance learning, to cutting edge solutions, such as virtual training and augmented reality.

The wide array of courses which we’re able to offer with Aviotrace Swiss conforms to all current EASA requirements for technical training, and, more importantly, was developed with our customers in mind. Each training solution is tailored for each of our clients in terms of planning, times, and location.

We’re focused on EASA training, at both a basic level and for specialization, and available for individuals or companies involved in maintenance.

Basic training is designed for candidates aiming for EASA A, B1.1, B1.3 and B2 certification, specializing in aircraft and helicopters. We offer all the necessary theoretical modules and practical elements, as specified in the relevant regulations.

We can also offer a variety of courses specializing in the aeronautical sector, which go from strictly technical subjects to more management-oriented courses. These courses include the initial training requirements for certification of EASA-approved personnel and companies, as well as any recurring obligations.

All courses are held in a traditional classroom setting, however most of them also enjoy the extreme flexibility afforded by distance learning solutions.

It is possible, furthermore, to provide on-site courses, reducing travel costs and thereby guaranteeing a minimal impact on regular activities.